Badass Girls Camp
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Badass girls camp


adj. 1. fearless, authentic, and compassionate, Urban Dictionary

for teen girls, Ages 13-17

Aug 11-16th, 2019

Western Massachusetts, USA

A letter for you:


Dear soft, brave,

concerned, proud

mom* of a teen girl,

I love your girl.

I know how magical she is (maybe I haven’t had the honor of meeting her yet, but I know your girl is special -- hint: they all are, and I’ve worked with thousands of preteen and teen girls over the last 15 years).

I love her quietness (yes, everyone goes quiet sometimes -- even if your girl is usually the one talking), I love her laugh, I love the soft way she leans in to care for another girl who needs some love, I love the spark in her eyes, I love her spunk, I love how she dives in, I love her creativity, and I love this feeling that I get when I’m with a girl like her… that she’s exactly what the world needs more of: HER ALIVENESS.

I want to support her so that her light never goes out (or dims) in our slightly mad world.

I want to surround her with an authentic, kind, courageous group of teen girls who have her back. I want to remind her of her own badass inner knowing, no matter what.

*welcome if you’re a dad, non-binary parent, guardian, or family member of a beloved teen girl!

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I’m leading a week of summer camp THIS AUGUST

for a special group of teen girls.

Want to know more?

It’s gonna be so good.

Got a question? Drop me a line at hello at badass girls camp dot com.






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“I gained so much more confidence in myself after working with Eliza. I went into it thinking that I was going to learn things I can change to be a better more happy and centered person, but right when I got there Eliza wanted to get to know me for me, and not a fake version, the real me. I’ve never felt more loved and accepted then when I’m working with her. Eliza is so fun and really lets you be who you are (plus you also gain a big sister for life!).

If you’re thinking about it… go for it! I know how scary new people and environments can be, but working with Eliza has been one of the greatest privileges of my life. She manages to take a group of girls who know little to nothing about each other and create a welcoming circle of friendship, love, and acceptance.”


from lilie:

“I’m so grateful to have worked with Eliza and to be part of our girls circle. I now have strategies to use when I feel out of center or stressed-out. I feel safer, and my life is just better because of this incredibly accepting, loving, supportive mentor and friend in my life.

Eliza brings light and joy into our lives and reminds us that while being a girl can be difficult, everything will be okay (it won't always be easy, but happiness can prevail!).

When I've had a tough couple of days and get to circle up with Eliza and the girls… it’s like medicine for my heavy heart. By committing to time with Eliza, you're committing to taking care of yourself… which is the most important thing you can do with your life!”


from lily:

“My entire teen life has changed drastically after my work with Eliza. I’m more compassionate and more mature. I feel like I’m now finally able to be myself; working with Eliza was like getting a fresh start to be the real, genuine me.

If you are considering coming to camp… embrace the nervous butterflies and enter this scary, wonderful, beautiful movement that she has created! You deserve the feeling of being surrounded by a new community of loving girls and women that have your back no matter what!”



About Eliza

Badass Girls Camp Creator & Facilitator

Eliza is a best-selling author, speaker, workshop facilitator, and professional big sister who keeps it real. Since the age of 15 she’s been teaching at workshop centers and conferences (like the Omega Institute, Esalen Institute, Kripalu Center, and the Emerging Women Conference) alongside leaders 4 times her age. She’s the co-author of the best-selling book with her mom, “Mothering & Daughtering: Keeping Your Bond Strong Through the Teen Years” (she wrote the sassy side for teen girls).

For almost 15 years, Eliza’s writing, speaking and teaching has called B.S. on the cultural stereotype that teen girls are selfish, mean, vapid, and image-obsessed. Instead, she gives voice to, celebrates, and creates spaces for teen girls’ sensitivity, wacky weird passions, feisty comebacks, fierce truths, tender hearts, sensual embodiment, and full-out, real-talk, whole, imperfect, ever-evolving self expression.

Eliza was trained as a Peer Educator for Planned Parenthood in High School, and was a consultant for Eve Ensler, (“Vagina Monologues,”) on her book for teenage girls: “I Am an Emotional Creature” (so you could say she specializes in making awkward & important topics cool & normal). Eliza graduated from Brown University with an undergraduate degree in Gender & Sexuality Studies, and is a certified a Qoya movement teacher. Her deepest pride is her relationship with her self, especially her tender friendship with her own anxiety. She lives with her partner, Will, and their 10-year-old rescue Husky mix, Kingu, in Massachusetts.


want the invite?

Badass Girls Camp is going down this August in Western Massachusetts.

*Psst… mama…

love the sound of this camp? but… concerned your daughter won’t be interested in something you suggest?

I got you, mama (I literally wrote a book about it). Does your girl roll her eyes at almost everything you suggest these days? Is she skeptical or downright dismissive of anything that’s ‘mom’s ideas’? If you’ve got a hesitant teen girl, I’ve got some resources to support you in figuring out the next right action, and it’s all in the invite.